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Igneous Petrology

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Igneous Petrology provides up-to-date, integrated, comprehensive coverage of physical and chemical facets of magmatic rocks and magma systems. Field relations and fabrics of rocks together with their mineralogical, chemical and isotopic compositions facilitate interpretation of rock origin. The dynamic evolution of magma systems is considered from thermodynamics and from their chemical, physical and kinetic properties. Sources of magmas and how they are generated and subsequently evolve are considered in the context of global tectonics. The textbook stresses petrologic processes while also providing thorough descriptions of rock products suitable for the undergraduate student. Organized in terms of chemical and physical phenomena. Includes new insights into intrusive and volcanic processes-especially, explosive volcanism in field petrology. Contains new data in physical petrology. Focuses on the latest research of magma properties and experimental and theoretical modeling. Consists of new coverage of trace element characterization of rock associations and modeling. Well illustrated text with a 6-page, 4-color insert. For ease of use, the quantitative material is set aside in boxes and in certain chapters. Features "Fundamental questions considered in the chapter" which provide a brief, chapter preview. "Critical thinking questions" allow the students to expand their command of the subject. Contains a comprehensive glossary along with a list of cited references. Additional problem sets will be available on the web.
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Author: Myron G. Best, Eric H. Christiansen

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Release Date: 2000-12-27

Pages: 455

ISBN: 0865425418

ISBN13: 9780865425415