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In Quest of the Hero

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In Quest of the Heromakes available for a new generation of readers two key works on hero myths: Otto Rank'sMyth of the Birth of the Heroand the central section of Lord Raglan'sThe Hero. Amplifying these is Alan Dundes's fascinating contemporary inquiry, "The Hero Pattern and the Life of Jesus." Examined here are the patterns found in the lore surrounding historical or legendary figures like Gilgamesh, Moses, David, Oedipus, Odysseus, Perseus, Heracles, Aeneas, Romulus, Siegfried, Lohengrin, Arthur, and Buddha. Rank's monograph remains the classic application of Freudian theory to hero myths. InThe Herothe noted English ethnologist Raglan singles out the myth-ritualist pattern in James Frazer's many-sidedGolden Boughand applies that pattern to hero myths. Dundes, the eminent folklorist at the University of California at Berkeley, applies the theories of Rank, Raglan, and others to the case of Jesus. In his introduction to this selection from Rank, Raglan, and Dundes, Robert Segal, author of the major study of Joseph Campbell, charts the history of theorizing about hero myths and compares the approaches of Rank, Raglan, Dundes, and Campbell.
Product Details

Author: Otto Rank, Lord Raglan, Alan Dundes

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Release Date: 1990-11-01

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0691020620

ISBN13: 9780691020624