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Interactions I [text + workbook]: A Cognitive Approach to Beginning Chinese (Chinese in Context Language Learning Series)

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The need for a modern text to teach Chinese to English-speaking students has long been recognized. Even today Chinese tends to be taught by rote rather than concept for the want of pedagogically sophisticated course materials. Jennifer Liu and Margaret Yan, two Indiana University professors, have now produced a cognitively based first year course for learning Chinese. The innovative features of their texts include. * An introduction to the cultural and social contexts of Chinese* A presentation of Chinese calligraphy* Lessons with real-life situations and lively dialogue* Explanations of Chinese pronunciation and grammar* Illustrations including cartoons* Chinese characters with mnemonic visuals* Criteria-grouped vocabulary* An instructor's manual* Student workbook
Product Details

Author: Jennifer Li-chia Liu, Margaret Mian Yan

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Indiana University Press

Release Date: 1998-02-22

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0253211220

ISBN13: 9780253211224