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With down-home language thats a joy to read aloud, Terry Farish tells a wry, unconventional love story about an unlikely pair of curmudgeons - brought to life in glowing illustrations by Barry Root. The cat was fond of the mans potato soup, which made him love her a breath more, but not sos youd notice. There was an old man, an ol Texas boy, who lived on a road called Chatterpie with an uppity old cat - a cat whod rather eat potato soup than catch blackbirds. A cat who liked to go fishing and sit on the bow of the old mans boat, her face into the wind, like she was a hood ornament. "Fool cat," the old man would say. "You aint nobodys prize." Then one day something unexpected happens, and they both learn that even the most cantankerous love can inspire acts of heroic proportions - but not, of course, sos youd notice.
Product Details

Author: Jerry Hulse

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1st)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Warner Books

Release Date: 1977-11-01

Pages: 159

ISBN: 0446893242

ISBN13: 9780446893244