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Josephine Against the Sea

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Meet Josephine, the most loveable mischief-maker in Barbados, in a magical, heartfelt adventure inspired by Caribbean mythology.

"A heart-wrenching adventure with big laughs and well-earned surprises." --Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Eleven-year-old Josephine knows that no one is good enough for her daddy. Thats why she makes a habit of scaring his new girlfriends away. Shes desperate to make it onto her schools cricket team because shell get to play her favorite sport AND use the cricket matches to distract Daddy from dating.

But when Coach Broomes announces that girls cant try out for the team, the frustrated Josephine cuts into a powerful silk cotton tree and accidentally summons a bigger problem into her life . . .

The next day, Daddy brings home a new catch, a beautiful woman named Mariss. And unlike the other girlfriends, this one doesnt scare easily. Josephine knows theres something fishy about Mariss but she never expected her to be a vengeful sea creature eager to take her place as her fathers first love! Can Josephine convince her friends to help her and use her cricket skills to save Daddy from Marisss clutches before its too late?

Product Details

Author: Shakirah Bourne

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Release Date: 2021-07-06

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1338642081

ISBN13: 9781338642087