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Killing Gifts: A Shaker Mystery

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Chapter One<P>Julia Masters twirled a honey-gold curl around her finger and pushed out her lower lip in a pout that might have been alluring to someone other than her companion.<P>"I'm cold" Julia said. "I want my wrap."<P>"It's unseasonably warm."<P>"We're in for snow, and you know it.' Julia's voice quivered with petulance.<P>"Then you should have dressed more warmly.'<P>Julia paced the length of the unheated Summerhouse, hugging her bare arms. "Oh, stop being so mean," she said. 'This is my very best dancing dress."<P>"So you said."<P>Well, I wouldn't even have this one if it weren't for Cousin Vera in Boston. She hasn't passed me down one for winter yet-not something up-to-date. Anyway, why did I have to dress up just to meet in this stupid old Summerhouse? I'm not one of the sisters, you know."<P>"Indeed, you are not."<P>Then why are we here?"<P>"I told you" her companion said with growing impatience. "I'm taking you dancing. You'll have so many invitations you'll be glad to be wearing something so pretty and light."<P>"You've never taken me dancing before." Julia tilted her head and smiled, as she had earlier to her mirror. She knew her smile was fetching. Few men had ever been able to resist her. But her companion was immune to her soft shoulders and the sweet, inviting scent of the rosewater she'd swiped from the Shaker store to dab behind her ears.<P>The midwinter sun had drawn in the last of its rays and given the moon its turn. The silent cold envel
Product Details

Author: Deborah Woodworth

Language: English


Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: 2001-02-06

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0380804263

ISBN13: 9780380804269