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Landlording on Autopilot

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One in five houses sold last year in America were rental properties for investment- and everyone who bought one of those properties needs to know how to be a landlord. This straightforward landlord' s resource explains author Mike Butler' s proven, almost " hands-off" and effective system for maximizing a landlord' s cash flow, avoiding tenant headaches, and slashing expenses. One powerful, simple technique, according to Butler' s system, is for landlords to behave like employers and treat their good tenants like great employees. This means giving tenants certain responsibilities and obligations, taking the pressure off the landlord so he can live his life while his investments work for him. Now a millionaire landlord, Butler' s system not only allows landlords to manage tenants with minimal hassle, but also shows landlords how to really collect more than 1000f rents owed. That' s right! This system shows landlords how to bring in more income than the total amount of their rents, maximizing their cash flow and leading to a higher quality of life for the landlord. Landlording on Auto-Pilot is the perfect resource for every serious landlord who wants all the money, but not all of the work. Mike Butler (Louisville, KY) is the founder of and the creator of Tenant Tracking, bookkeeping software he developed for both landlording and taxes. Now it' s available for real estate investors and is being used in all 50 states, Canada, England, and Singapore. His system allowed him to manage more than 100 properties while holding down his full-time job as a police officer in Louisville, KY. Now a full-time investor, he is alicensed real estate broker, a Realtor, a charter member of the local chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, and President of the Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association.
Product Details

Author: Mike Butler

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: John Wiley &Sons

Release Date: 2006-09-08

Pages: 264

ISBN: 047178978X

ISBN13: 9780471789789