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Leadership for Outstanding Results

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Book Description - Version Two Leadership for Outstanding Results Leadership for Outstanding Results is a groundbreaking, how-to guide for ambitious leaders. Written in an easy-to-read, informal style, Graeme Schache, shows leaders how to apply the science of emotions, conversations and listening to achieve outstanding results. Using examples taken from his successful coaching practice, Graeme Schache demonstrates how mastery in these areas has a positive impact on workplace relationships, productivity and business outcomes. The reader will finish the book feeling confident about developing the type of relationships necessary for improving their performance as a leader. The idea that organizations are a network of conversations is a central tenet of the relatively new field of Ontological Coaching. Conversations are the means by which leaders build rapport, explore possibilities and establish commitments for action. Graeme Schache introduces a number of Ontological Coaching fundamentals in early chapters. For instance, the reader sees the benefit of the mindset that we are different observers of the world. No book on leadership would be complete without raising the subject of moods and emotions. Leadership for Outstanding Results offers a solid framework for understanding the softer side of organizational life. Understanding that emotions predispose us to action, is useful in itself. Learning that moods are prolonged emotional states and how to change them, may be a revelation to many leaders. Conversations are of central importance to leadership performance and there are three types - conversations for stories, possibilities, and action. In the chapters to follow their purpose is explained, from strengthening bonds to exploring possibilities and ultimately, making requests and effectively complaining. Page "1 A results-driven leader must be an effective listener - one who understands that we are already, automatically, and always engaged in the process of listening. This area is covered in chapter 8. Leadership for Outstanding Results is a fresh approach to the subject of leadership and offers new possibilities for leaders to improve their performance. It may provide solutions to seemingly intractable problems that can leave a workplace stuck and ineffective. Graeme Schaches desire to contribute to better, more productive workplaces that enable individuals to be fulfilled has been realised in Leadership for Outstanding Results. The reader will readily identify with the many true-to-life accounts used to illustrate principles. Organisational life may seem to come alive through the unique perspective provided by Ontological Coaching. But most importantly, the reader will believe that effective leadership is within their reach - Leadership for Outstanding Results is a must-read.
Product Details

Author: Graeme J Schache

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2014-08-07

Pages: 278

ISBN: 1492306991

ISBN13: 9781492306993