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LIBERIA: Historical Reflections through Selected Independence Day Orations 1855 - 2000

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Insights from selected Liberian Independence Day Orations pertinent to the historical development of the Republic of Liberia and its challenges and opportunities This book provides a one - stop source of literary resource gleaned from a number of Liberian Independence Day Orations that span selected years interspersed over the period 1855 - 2000. The orations may serve as a source for scholarly inquiry as they cover multiple themes that are germane to the evolution of the country. In general, the orators provide important contextual information and varied insights and perspectives about the countrys social, political and economic development. For example, the orations address the historical and current challenges of nation-building in general. More specifically, they illuminate such issues as: (i) Liberias survival as a small state surrounded by Western colonial powers; (ii) challenges and opportunities in the quest for social integration and economic development; (iii) the centrality of education, agriculture, trade, commerce, industry, other sectors and related factors for development, as well as the role of women and the youth in the development process. They also include perspectives on the inclusion of the masses and freedom of the press in the nation-building process, overarching governance issues and the post-civil war challenges for recovery and aspirations for the future.
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Author: Anthony Barclay

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Release Date: 2017-08-25

Pages: 286

ISBN: 1478788690

ISBN13: 9781478788690