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Life in a Rear View Mirror: Memoirs of a Soldier

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"LIFE IN A REAR VIEW MIRROR" begins with a cryptic and purposefully humorous review of the authors life from birth through the formative years. This life is transformed by the forces of war providing a first view of death, from a very close perspective. This haunting experience is followed by inscription into Military Service and the perilous training that follows to develop a warrior. The story progresses through a peace time service fraught with the problems of unprofessional elements within. Thrust into war in SE Asia, the military next contends with experts unable to accept the new challenge, guerrilla warfare. Recounts of duty in SE Asia demonstrate the horrors of war and those elements of humor intertwined throughout this process of fighting a war without definitive guidelines and lacking the total support of your government. Post war assignments with foreign nations and a brief service in the "black world" with the CIA conclude this military career. The story culminates with a new war, RETIREMENT, and the pitfalls It holds for ex-military personnel
Product Details

Author: Douglas E.S. Horne

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Xlibris

Release Date: 2008-01-04

Pages: 312

ISBN: 1436305306

ISBN13: 9781436305303