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Lovetypes: Discover Your Romantic Style And Find Your Soul Mate

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Everyone who has ever been disappointed in Love knows how hard it is to find the "right" person. All too often we fall for people who seem too good to be true...and then discover they are. True romance is a gamble. But now there's a way to greatly reduce the odds. In LoveTypes, relationship expert Dr. Alexander Avila declares a dating revolution with his groundbreaking LoveType system -- the scientifically proven and effective method for instantly recognizing your true soul mate when you meet him or her. Based on the theory behind the most popular personality test today -- the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator -- and years of extensive research, the remarkable LoveType system is exactly what you need to cut through the dating maze. By first taking a brief quiz, you determine your unique LoveType profile. From there, the system guides you toward the LoveType best for you and provides specific answers to your most pressing relationship questions: Which of the 16 LoveTypes is most compatible with me psychologically, emotionally and sexually? What four questions can I ask to determine instantly if someone is right for me? Where can I meet my ideal mate? How can I break the ice naturally and smoothly, even if I'm shy? What dating strategies will win the heart of my ideal LoveType and ensure a Long-term relationship? Lasting love no longer has to be hit or miss with LoveTypes, your complete and indispensable guide to a happy and fulfilling romantic life.
Product Details

Author: Alexander Avila

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1st Avon Trade Paperback)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: 1999-02-01

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0380800144

ISBN13: 9780380800148