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MA'AT 42 Plus GOD: Common Sense Approach Ideas to Living a Prosperous Life In Truth, Justice, Order, Balance and Love

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"MAT 42 Plus God" (Pocket Edition) gives basic ideas on how to incorporate 42 Concepts/Principles/Negative Confessions into your life to experience a more loving, joyful, simplistic, yet fulfilling everyday living experience. A book, perhaps, that offers you a common-sense approach to living a more prosperous life.The term "God" is used, and refers to The Totality of Creation Itself.Fear not: "MAT 42 Plus God" is NOT a religious book, but simply filled with a common-sense way of approaching LIFE. The 42 Principles/Concepts of MAT exudes the essence of "God."We must Master a way to explain these Principles to our inner-selves in efforts to manifest our higher-self daily. Its time to reclaim or recover all parts of our Divine African Spirituality. Ancient Kemet recognized that MOST of what We need to get through Life with Purpose and Meaning already exists within our hearts. We simply need to tap into the powers within. MAT also teaches how to create a self-directed Life that will bring Joy, Contentment, and a Renewed Sense of Purpose!We must learn to manifest in a likeness and image of Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Peace, Reciprocity, and Love. Undisturbed, amid everyday chaos, and confusion.We must understand, it is in our best interest to always return to Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Love, Reciprocity, and Peace daily as we go about the day.We are peaceful people by nature.Our thoughts, feelings, and actions must align with the attributes of "God" and reflection of "God." If your emotional responses reflect the compassion, positive energy, and powers of God, you will change all events in your life into more positive experiences.You possess the power to create your day. "MAT 42 Plus God" is a Heart lesson, than a scholarly lesson, that gives you a common-sense approach to everyday life experiences that will allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency, above all negativity you may experience throughout the day. If the Spirit of God is flowing through you to others, youll respond in Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Reciprocity, and Love to be more effective in your speech and actions towards others.You are Divine Beings.
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Author: LaTonya Page~Balkcom

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2015-05-30

Pages: 124

ISBN: 1514151480

ISBN13: 9781514151488