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Marco's Millions

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When his sensitive little sister, Lilly, tells him about strange lights in the basement, at first Marco thinks she's imagining them. But his deep curiosity leads him down the stairs, through a hole in the wall, and into a different world. The strange, sightless creatures he meets are convinced that Marco, with Lilly's help, can prevent their god from destroying the planet by retrieving a stolen relic: a mysterious, powerful box. Marco soon realizes that "The Lord", the frenzied, chaotic mass hovering in the sky, is actually a singularity, a force so terrible it can swallow light, stop time, and snuff out the universe. And Marco doubts it listens to prayers. In this dazzling prequel, readers share the otherworldly adventures that brought young Uncle Marco his sinister "boxes".
Product Details

Author: William Sleator

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1st)

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Dutton Books for Young Readers

Release Date: 2001-06-04

Pages: 161

ISBN: 0525464417

ISBN13: 9780525464419