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Marijuana Questions? Ask Ed: The Encyclopedia of Marijuana

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Marijuana Question? ASK ED is the long-awaited compilation from the popular High Times column "Ask Ed." Since the feature began in 1983, it has answered every conceivable question regarding marijuana cultivation, indoors and out. No topic was too arcane or too esoteric for Ed's probing pen. But this book is not just a simple rehash of Ed's column -- the letters have been arranged by subject and the responses have been revised and very often clarified and expanded. Most growers will find themselves referring to this book more than to any other cultivation manual in their library; it is a virtual encyclopedia of information with a superlative table of contents and index. Book jacket.
Product Details

Author: Ed Rosenthal

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Quick American Archives

Release Date: 1993-06-02

Pages: 306

ISBN: 0932551017

ISBN13: 9780932551016