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Mar-Lu-Ridge: The First Fifty Years

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Since 1959 Mar-Lu-Ridge has played a vital role in the Christian lives of thousands of individuals who have attended the camp. For many, it has become the one place where they can go to connect or reconnect with God. For others, it has been a place of refuge and solace from an ever-changing and fast paced world. For many children, it has become the foundation of a faith that keeps them focused on God; a faith that has helped them grow into true disciples of Christ. The beauty and splendor of the mountaintop has won the hearts of both adults and children alike. Situated atop a ridge separating the Frederick and Middletown Valleys, the Ridge has inspired, moved, motivated, and encouraged untold numbers of campers, counselors and staff to share the Good News of Christ in our world.
Product Details

Author: Mar-Lu-Ridge, Philip A Brohawn, Craig S Schenning

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Old Line Publishing, LLC

Release Date: 2009-09-02

Pages: 98

ISBN: 0984106529

ISBN13: 9780984106523