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Master of the Fleet

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Set in an alternate timeline of America, up along the northwestern coast, elemental magic is part of everyday life. Richard LeMarnier is Master of the Fleet, with control over wind and water.Lord Sir Richard LeMarnier, the most eligible man on the Cte dOr, had hoped to marry Anne-Marie during the Harvest Festival in her home kingdom. But he hadnt planned to do it this way. Bound by a blood oath and marriage vows, he was sure the woman he loved would never love him. And now, after surviving the worst winter storm in anyones recollection, his ships are being targeted by an unknown weather-shaper, who is also threatening his wife.Anne-Marie never planned to marry. After the abuse shed endured earlier in her life, she considered men suitable for only one thing-being taken for all she could get before they realized theyd been had. But something had gone wrong when shed met Richard. Shed wanted to go back home and show off the social standing shed achieved, against all odds.Now bound to him by blood oath and marriage vows, could she find a way to escape and begin again elsewhere? If she could survive until springtime, maybe there was a chance.
Product Details

Author: Sultonna Nadine

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2018-04-28

Pages: 366

ISBN: 153901312X

ISBN13: 9781539013129