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Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy

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Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy (MIT) remains unique in providing instruments for dealing with clients with prominent emotional inhibition and suppression, a population for whom treatment options are largely lacking.

This book provides clinicians with techniques to treat this population, including guided imagery and re-scripting, two-chairs, role-play, body-oriented work and interpersonal mindfulness. Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy is aimed at increasing clients awareness of their inner world, fostering a sense of agency over their experience, and dismantling the core, embodied aspects of the schemas. The techniques included also provide clients with fresh instruments to overcome pain and act creatively in their everyday life. Using an improved version of the MIT decision-making procedure, the authors have provided a set of techniques aimed at modifying mental imagery, body states, and behaviour, as well as at steering attention to avoid falling prey to rumination. The book is structured to gently push clients towards change, but also to always prioritize the clients goals and needs.

Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy serves as an important guide for clinicians of any orientation.

Product Details

Author: Giancarlo Dimaggio

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Routledge

Release Date: 2020-06-04

Pages: 328

ISBN: 0367367033

ISBN13: 9780367367039