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Microsoft Rising: ...and other tales of Silicon Valley (Perspectives)

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This is the story of Microsoft and how it rose to become the first monopoly of the information Age. The text is assembled from Ted Lewis's columns published in IEEE Computer (1994-1998), IEEE Internet Computing, and Scientific American. Microsoft Rising is a tale of great, emotion, and techno-marketing hype in one of the fastest growing, mainline industries of the world. It is an eye witness account to the changing computer industry and the story of Silicon Valley and how it works, a revisionist history of computing, circa 1990-2000. Microsoft Rising is ultimately about Microsoft's domination of the computer industry. This book reports the author's personal history through the early 1990's to the end of the decade. These stories often try to predict or explain the chaos of Silicon Valley. Lewis analyzes the industry and shows how high-technology industry is constantly changing in turmoil and upheaval. He also examines the art of software development and deals with innovation and the emergence of techno-society. The book does not promise any answers, but rather concludes this short journey into the recent past with a number of provoking ideas about the future of hi-tech.
Product Details

Author: Ted G. Lewis

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr

Release Date: 2000-02-10

Pages: 340

ISBN: 0769502008

ISBN13: 9780769502007