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Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations

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Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations is about helping families with complex psychiatric problems by seeing and meeting the families and the family members, as the best versions of themselves, before we see and address the diagnoses.

This book draws on ten years of clinical research and contains stories about helping people, who are heavily burdened with psychiatric illnesses, to find ways to live a life as close as possible to their dreams. The chapters are organized according to ideas, values, and techniques. The book describes family-oriented practices, narrative collaborative practices, narrative psychiatric practices, and narrative agency practices. It also talks about wonderfulness interviewing, mattering practices, public note taking on paper charts, therapeutic letter writing, diagnoses as externalized problems, narrative medicine, and family community meetings. Each chapter includes case studies that illustrate the theory, ethics, and practice, told by Nina Jrring in collaboration with the families and colleagues.

The book will be of interest to child and adolescent psychiatrists and all other mental health professionals working with children and families.

Product Details

Author: NINA JRRING, June Alexander, David Epston

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Routledge

Release Date: 2022-03-25

Pages: 232

ISBN: 0367774844

ISBN13: 9780367774844