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You Deserve to Be Rewarded. Earn points on every purchase. Rewards Page

Navigating Hybrid Scrum Environments: Understanding the Essentials, Avoiding the Pitfalls

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Know the details of each part of Scrum so you can understand the purpose each part serves in the framework. Many books describe the "what" part of Scrum, but few explain the "why." Every part of the Scrum framework is important. You need to know the purpose behind each of the parts of the Scrum framework to reap all of its benefits.
This book uses stories and examples to provide the understanding of Scrum that is necessary to avoid failure in an Agile transformation effort, and fills an important gap in the existing body of literature about the Scrum framework. Advanced topics also are covered: scaled Scrum, Scrum for projects, and Scrum for the program and portfolio level.

What Youll Learn
  • Use the Scrum framework more effectively, especially if you are working in a "hybrid" Scrum environment
  • Understand what to expect from the Scrum framework, how to support it in your organization, and how to measure and maximize results
  • Study Scrum and pass Scrum Master certification tests given by

Who This Book Is For

Management professionals, existing Scrum masters, product owners, and Scrum developers, and beginners looking to learn Scrum
Product Details

Author: Frederik M. Fowler

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Apress

Release Date: 2018-12-14

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1484241630

ISBN13: 9781484241639