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Never Alone: A Personal Way to God by the author of JOSHUA

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The #1Publishers Weeklyreligious best-seller now becomes a best-sellingpaperback! Joseph Girzone, authorofJoshua, takes us on a personal spiritual quest inhis first book of nonfiction. Joseph Girzone isthat singular publishing phenomenon, an author whoanswers the unasked questions that lie hidden in somany hearts. The wisdom of his spirituality, atonce both simple and profound, transcends the manyfactions of religion and speaks to millions,regardless of background, in a language all canunderstand.Never Aloneis his mostintimate book to date, and has already brought himmany new readers because of its accepting message.In it, he unveils his personal way to God -- a wayof such wisdom, sympathy, and generosity thatanyone can follow it and find satisfaction, happiness,and serenity. As Father Girzone guides the reader,he brings us before a god who is neither silentnor condemning, but a patient God who heals gentlyand thoroughly, a realistic God who knows quitewell how we function. We may be shocked or ashamed bvwhat we see in ourselves, but God understands. InNever Alone, Joseph Girzone unfoldsthe spirituality of love and forgiveness, anddirects his readers toward peace.
Product Details

Author: Joseph F. Girzone

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Image

Release Date: 1995-04-01

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0385476833

ISBN13: 9780385476836