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New Game Plan for College Sport (ACE/Praeger Series on Higher Education)

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The same general challenges, in varying forms, have confronted those responsible for intercollegiate sport from 1980 to the present day. Now the time has come to reexamine these problems in the light of new research (such as the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletes) and new analyses; and to review old solutions to see where they should be adapted, where maintained, and where abandoned. Part of the mission of New Game Plans is to serve as a forum for conflicting opinions on how to improve our college sports enterprise. It is not theoretical, but instead relies on the wisdom and experience of those who have had significant roles in sport to discuss how far we have come from the ideals of sport, and what we can do to correct our course. The analyses are prepared from varied perspectives by experts who offer in-depth exploration of such essential topics as the commercialization of sport; race and gender; legal issues; gambling; performance-enhancing drugs; and the academic peril faced by too many student-athletes. In a final chapter, Lapchick presents recommendations for action. New Game Plans is an essential read for governing boards, presidents, coaches, faculty, administrators, and student athletes. After a historical overview, New Game Plans is divided into sections on the issues; the influence of the media; those most involved with and those most invested in the college sports enterprise; and recommendations drawn from the authors of the respective chapters. This book covers all of the critical issues facing governing boards, presidents, coaches, administrators, and student athletes, and explores all of them in depth.
Product Details

Author: Lapchick, Richard E.

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Release Date: 2006-03-30

Pages: 344

ISBN: 0275981479

ISBN13: 9780275981471