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Nikolai Demidov: Becoming an Actor-Creator

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At the time of his death, Stanislavsky considered Nikolai Demidov to be his only student, who understands the System. Demidovs incredibly forward-thinking processes not only continued his teachers pioneering work, but also solved the problems of an actors creativity that Stanislavsky never conquered.

Despite being one of the original teachers of the Stanislavski system, Demidovs name was little known either in his native Russia or the wider world until the turn of the 21st Century. Since then, his extensive works have been published in Russian but are yet to find their way to the English-speaking world. His sophisticated psychological techniques, stimulation of creativity, and methods of developing the actors themselves are now gaining increasing recognition.This book brings together Demidovs five volumes on actor training. Supplementary materials, including transcriptions of Demidovs classes, and notes and correspondence from the author make this the definitive collection on one of Russian theatres most important figures.

Product Details

Author: Nikolai Demidov

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Routledge

Release Date: 2020-12-18

Pages: 832

ISBN: 0367737000

ISBN13: 9780367737009