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No Enemy of Mine: The Story of a German War Bride

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Follow the true life story of a young girl as she comes of age in Nazi Germany during World War II. Barely fifteen when Hitler leads his nation into the darkest period in its history, she makes the perilous journey to adulthood amidst the bombings of Bonn and Cologne. As the bombings intensify, she is forced to leave her home and take uncertain refuge in eastern Germany. But when Hitlers forces are defeated on both fronts and occupying troops close in from either side, she must make a frightening choice: whether to remain in the east and likely meet a savage fate at the hands of Russian soldiers, or walk the more than two hundred miles home on foot and take her chances with the Western Allies. Her decision will lead her to marry "the enemy" and join thousands of sister war brides in making the leap of faith that will take them across the ocean to a whole new world.
Product Details

Author: Terri Potts

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Montage BioGraphics

Release Date: 2014-09-09

Pages: 168

ISBN: 0692278184

ISBN13: 9780692278185