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Noelle: The Mean Girl #3 (Flyy Girls)

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Meet the Flyy Girls. The group of girls who seem like they can get away with anything. Veteran author Ashley Woodfolk pens a gorgeous and dynamic series of four Harlem highschoolers, each facing a crossroads of friendship, family, and love.

There are only three things that matter to Noelle Lee: her family, school, and the cello. She doesnt care if people see her as selfish or mean because she knows she has her priorities in order. Thats why when her dad loses his job, Noelle doesnt hesitate to work more hours at her grandparents restaurant. Seeing her girls and dealing with her ex-boyfriend have to take a backseat so she can help her family and prepare for her schools fall showcase. But things get more complicated when Noelle realizes she cant stop thinking about Tobyn, one of the other Flyy Girls. With her bad attitude getting even worse, Noelle starts to wonder if working hard even matters, especially if she cant keep her life from falling apart around her.

With simply stated text and compelling characters, Flyy Girls is a series thats perfect for readers of any level.
Product Details

Author: Ashley Woodfolk

Language: English


Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Penguin Workshop

Release Date: 2021-03-09

Pages: 144

ISBN: 059309607X

ISBN13: 9780593096079