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Pirates' Gold: A Storyline Adventure

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Pirates Gold - A Storyline Adventure

A dangerous tale of:

Time Travel... Pirates... Betrayal... Treasure

Twelve-year-old Rylan is a storyline time traveller. Seeking adventure, he reads himself into a story set in 1717 A.D. during the Golden Age of Pirates in the Caribbean. He arrives in Port Royal, Jamaica, where he is abducted into the service of a cruel British navy commander, Captain Pike. His only hope for escape and survival is to join forces with the notorious pirate, Captain Sebastian LaRue. Thrust into life as a pirate, he must face and overcome life-threatening tropical storms, an attack by the Kraken, hungry crocodiles, the betrayal of a spy and worst of all, the cruelty of Captain Pike. Rylan will need to find and expose the spy among the crew who has betrayed Sebastian and the pirates before it is too late. As dark forces close in on the pirates, Rylan and Sebastian race against time to save their crew from the vengeance of the British captain and the hangmans noose. With their ship destroyed, they have to find a way to escape with a vast treasure they find on a deserted island.

Product Details

Author: Peter B Dunfield

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

Release Date: 2020-09-28

Pages: 268

ISBN: 0228837642

ISBN13: 9780228837640