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Pocket Por and Para: The only book you'll ever need!

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Why should I buy this book?This is not the first book that has dealt with Por and Para in Spanish, nor will it be the last. In truth, there are already lots of good books out there. So, what is it that sets this one apart? Whats the difference that makes the difference? Theres only one: This book will help you use Por and Para fantastically well, whether you have a good memory or not!Would you be surprised if we told you that everything you need to know about Por and Para is already available on the internet and written into book after book?So, why do you still not know how to use Por and Para accurately?Because up until now no one has given you an easy to remember, no nonsense system thats simplicity itself. Pooling together their cumulative 30 years of teaching experience, Gordon and Cynthia Smith-Durn, co-owners of LightSpeed Spanish, have developed just that system. Pocket Por and Para is probably the only book you will ever need to study on this subject. The great news is that thousands of students have already enjoyed success with this unique system. And you can join them too!
Product Details

Author: Mr Gordon Smith-Duran, Mrs Cynthia Smith-Duran

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2015-12-01

Pages: 198

ISBN: 1519347367

ISBN13: 9781519347367