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Protecting Our Most Valuable Asset

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The ability to identify and address workplace hazards is easier than ever. Yet with all our knowledge on how to prevent worker injuries, fatalities, and property damage, substantial loss related to workplace safety continues to occur.

Protecting Our Most Valuable Asset is the leadership book that will change the way you keep your workers safe. With this book that can impact the way organizational leaders view workplace safety, you will learn how to incorporate safety into everyday operations.

Written with clarity and expertise, this peer-reviewed book provides a short story that illustrates workplace safety realities and seven key principles of a safer work environment. These easy-to-follow insights will help you develop and implement a safety management system and break through any organizational barriers that may hold you back.

Workplace safety should be an operational value. However, the daily implementation of this philosophy can be a bit more complicated, which is where this book comes in. Through both perceptive anecdotes and concrete advice, you will quickly begin to identify the ways in which your work environment could improve.

With the advancements in workplace safety improving every day, why not make sure your leadership skills are advancing right alongside them?

Product Details

Author: E. Scott Dunlap

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2017-06-26

Pages: 204

ISBN: 1544624212

ISBN13: 9781544624211