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Ramona (Classics of California and America Historical Fiction) (Hardcover)

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An abiding classic, Ramona depicts the life and trials of a half-Scottish, half-Native American orphan, who experiences discrimination on the basis of her race. Unflinching in its depiction of racial stigma and the consequent ills of poverty and misfortune, Ramona became sensationally popular in the United States. It prompted mass tourism via the freshly laid railway to the various locations described in the novel. It would also force many readers to contemplate the social disruption wrought by racism, and lead to several popular adaptations in Hollywood as well as for television. Although living in the adoptive care of a Mexican family, Ramonas Native American heritage means that none of her entrusted carers regard her with any love or affection. Whats more, the arrival of new settlers and other rivals means the family must struggle, moving from place to place in search of a permanent place of abode while enduring abuse and stigma from the nascent society around them.
Product Details

Author: Helen Hunt Jackson

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover


Release Date: 2018-05-28

Pages: 242

ISBN: 1387843931

ISBN13: 9781387843930