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Reclaiming Virtue: How We Can Develop the Moral Intelligence to Do the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason

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In his groundbreakingNew York Timesbestselling books and compelling PBS specials, John Bradshaw transformed our understanding of the family and became a dominant figure in the field of addiction and recovery. Now he brings together a lifetime of experience and teaching to redefine virtuehow we learn it and live itfor our troubled times. John Bradshaw has written this book for the millions of decent, caring people who are struggling every day with painful choices, who are appalledas he isby the greed and shamelessness that plague our society, and who long for guidance for themselves and their children in an increasingly complex world. Is the only solution a return to an oppressive, rules-based morality or an idealized past? Bradshaw says no. Instead he shows that each of us has what he calls an inbornmoral intelligence,an inner guidance system that can lead usif we know how to cultivate it in ourselves and others. His fascinating discussion ranges from the ancient Greek philosophers to modern explorations of emotional development, from provocative historical insights to the recent discoveries of neuroscience. Why do so many attempts at moral education fail? What is willpower, and how can we develop it? How can we navigate the inevitable problems of love and work and aging? How can we begin again after addiction or failure? How can we lead and discipline our children? What emerges is a clear vision of a morality grounded in childhood, educated by the practice of both traditional and modern virtues, and culminating in the moment-to-moment ability to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.Reclaiming Virtueis both an inspiring appeal to what Abraham Lincoln called the better angels of our nature and a wise guide to building a life of unshakable integrity and well-being.
Product Details

Author: John Bradshaw

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: First Edition)

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Bantam

Release Date: 2009-04-28

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0553095927

ISBN13: 9780553095920