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Remembering Dresden (Jack Turner Suspense Series)

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Young history professor, Jack Turner, takes a retreat at a lakeside cabin just outside of Culpepper, Georgia to work on his doctoral dissertation. The cabin is owned by an ambitious state senator, an inheritance from his father. Inside, everything is exactly the way it was when the old man died ten years ago. While taking a break from his research, Jack snoops through the fathers books and finds an old photo album filled with black-and-white pictures of orphaned children. Intrigued, he continues searching and finds what appears to be evidence of murder and an old leather journal, handwritten entirely in German. Rachel Cook, Jacks girlfriend, translates the journal for him. What it reveals instantly puts both of their lives in mortal danger.Besides his bestselling inspirational novels, Dan Walsh is quickly becoming known for unputdownable novels of suspense.
Product Details

Author: Dan Walsh

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Bainbridge Press

Release Date: 2016-05-20

Pages: 334

ISBN: 0692677216

ISBN13: 9780692677216