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Retreat With Honor (Battles & Leaders of the Civil War Vol.4)

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<div>Battles and Leaders of the Civil War is recognized as the outstanding history of the War between the States to come out of the 19th century. THis series was originally conceived in 1883 by the editors of Century Company, who set out to provide an accurate, unbiased account of the war. It was authored by the commanders and their subordinates from both the Confederate and Union forces who actually fought, planned or were eyewitnesses to the events they describe therein.<br /> <br /> Volume 4 relates the events that led to the end of the war. It opens with a detailed description of the land and sea operations at the Battle of Charleston. Grant's Wilderness Campaign and Sherman's march to Atlanta are vividly portrayed. After mounting the final actions in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee, this volume depicts the closing naval operations, Sherman's march through the Confederacy and climaxes with Lee's surrender at Appomattox.</div
Product Details

Author: Century Magazine

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Castle Books

Release Date: 2010-04-01

Pages: 750

ISBN: 0890095728

ISBN13: 9780890095720