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Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors: The Legacy of the Jewish Woman

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You know the stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.
But do you know the eternal stories of your own ancestors?
The Jewish matriarchs were strong, dedicated, and complex, and they set the foundation for your spiritual inheritance! A prophecy tells of a generation that would hunger, but not for food. It would be a hunger for things spiritual. We are that generation. Our bellies are full, yet we have a yearning. We are hungry for spiritual nourishment-and we are seeking.
What does it mean to be a Jewish woman and why does that even matter?
This book is a taste of the spiritual legacy that nourishes your soul:
-Timeless stories of biblical matriarchs
-Guidance and inspirational Torah wisdom
-Insights to living with purpose.

Connect with the stories and inspiration of your ancestors and reawaken to your inheritance as a Jewish woman.

"Laya Saul has written a book that will give todays generation of Jewish women their rightful inheritance: the role models that reveal our legacy and illuminate our future."
Lori Palatnik, Founding Director, Jewish Womens Renaissance Project (JWRP)

"In this work, the author has succeeded in taking complicated, authentic Torah teachings and presenting them in a manner that allows even beginners to feel connected to the profundity of Torah. Her target audience, women who are unfamiliar with the lives and teachings of Jewish heroines, will undoubtedly be enthralled by the depth of the ideas and the relevance of the messages that have been skillfully culled from these fascinating life stories."
Rabbi Ari D. Kahn, author of Echoes of Eden

"Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors is an in-depth exploration of fourteen of the most prominent women in the Hebrew Bible. By focusing on the eternal archetypes represented by each female character, Saul illuminates the spiritual lessons these strong women teach us-lessons that are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Saul writes in a clear, engaging manner, making this book accessible to all Jewish women, whether this is their first introduction to biblical heroines or theyve been studying the material for years. The Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors is an entertaining book that is sure to inspire Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds."
Nina Davidovich Litvak, screenwriter and cocreator, Accidental Talmudist

"Accessible and inspiring. Laya Saul tells the epic stories of women of the Torah and brings to life the lessons and values of being a Jewish woman. I am happy to recommend and support such a wonderful book."
Olivia Schwartz, codirector, Chai Center, Los Angeles

"Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors is a marvelous foundational "family history" that mirrors the wisdom, power, and spiritual DNA of the Jewish woman."
Adrienne Gold, Trip and Education Leader, Jewish Womens Renaissance Project (JRWP)

"As women, we often find ourselves in need of refueling. As we learn about our own feminine archetypes, we can find a source of strength-sometimes bold, sometimes quiet. Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors is a place to begin, to learn the stories and tap into our inheritance as Jewish women. Read the stories, breathe in the qualities they bring us, and shine the light youre here to shine!"
Eve Levy, Founder, Shine-Inspiring Jewish Women
"Our rich legacy of wise Jewish women, a sisterhood that spans the generations, is brought to life with deep but easily accessible stories. Laya Saul, with her warmth and delightful style, takes us into the challenges and decisions that these women faced. You will get to know each woman as her personal story is told and the inspiration she ignites is shared with you, her sister."
Ellyn Hutt, author, Living in the Present Moment: A Divine Design
Product Details

Author: Laya Saul

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Kadima Press

Release Date: 2019-04-05

Pages: 280

ISBN: 0972322981

ISBN13: 9780972322980