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Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance

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Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance, Second Edition,will help students and practitioners understand the function of the nutrients in the body and how these nutrients affect health and athletic performance. The authors present clear, comprehensive, and accurate nutrition information that may be applied to a variety of careers. The text provides students with practical knowledge in exercise and nutrition science, and it keeps practitioners on the cutting edge of current research and practices in the field.Using the authors extensive backgrounds in nutrition, exercise physiology, and fitness, the text combines micronutrients into functional groupings to provide an easy framework for understanding how these nutrients can influence exercise performance and good health for both athletes and active individuals. This unique presentation allows readers to fully understand why proper nutrition helps athletes prevent injury, enhance recovery, improve daily workouts, and maintain optimal health and body weight.This second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest issues, guidelines, and recommendations for active individuals. Chapters dealing with macronutrients and micronutrients have been entirely rewritten, and all chapters have been revised to reflect the latest Dietary Reference Intakes, USDA Food Guide Pyramid, Food Pyramid for Athletes, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and physical activity recommendations from various organizations, including the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines by DHHS. Following are some of the current topics discussed in the text:-Carbohydrate recommendations for athletes before, during, and after exercise-Protein requirements of athletes based on the latest research-Updated evaluation of the fat needs of athletes and the role of fat loading-An evidence-based reexamination of various diets and techniques used for weight loss-New research on body composition assessments and standards-The latest on controversial nutrition issues such as the role of protein, vitamin D, and energy in bone health and new criteria for assessing bone health in young adults-New nutrition and fitness assessments, questionnaires, and methods for measuring energy expenditure-Updated information on various topics such as the issues of the active female, ergogenic aids, energy balance, and fluid balanceSport Nutrition for Health and Performance, Second Edition,has also been improved with an attractive two-color format, new artwork, and a slimmer design that allows the text to maintain the content while reducing backpack bulge. The text also includes an online image bank that instructors may use to create customized PowerPoint presentations using artwork, tables, and figures from each chapter. In addition, a variety of features help readers comprehend the material presented, including chapter objectives, key concepts and key terms, additional information to learn more about a topic, and references. Chapter highlights provide in-depth information on topics and critically evaluate issues regarding myths and controversies in sport nutrition.This book provides readers with clear, authoritative content that will help them understand the scientific basis of nutrition and make sound recommendations in their careers. With up-to-date content based on current guidelines,Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance, Second Edition, is an outstanding text for both students and practitioners concerned with achieving good health and maximizing performance.
Product Details

Author: Melinda M. Manore, Nanna L. Meyer, Janice Thompson

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 2)

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Human Kinetics

Release Date: 2009-06-23

Pages: 560

ISBN: 073605295X

ISBN13: 9780736052955