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Teenage Construction Zone

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What do you do when a friend is wasting their life away on drugs? Is it ok to use alcohol? When are you old enough to start dating or ready to start having sex? How far is too far? What does it mean to be a healthy person? How should you pick your friends? Why set goals? How do you decide what is morally right and wrong? What should you do when considering suicide? How do you deal with the pressures put on you by your friends and parents? No matter how confusing the question, Trey Talley has an answer for young people who have an interest in their future. Teenage Construction Zone is a manual for how to navigate through your teenage years and end up with a happy and healthy future. Teenagers are experiencing one of the most confusing and critical times of their life. This is a time in their life when habits are being formed and important decisions are being made. Just like a building in the preliminary stages of construction, they are creating a foundation on which to place the rest of their lives. Nothing can compare to the value of constructing a foundation stable enough to support your goals and dreams.
Product Details

Author: Trey Talley

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Woolstrum Publishing House, LLC

Release Date: 2009-04-01

Pages: 178

ISBN: 0982014104

ISBN13: 9780982014103