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The Blood Of Cuba

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The Blood of Cuba is the true-to-life story of an innocent peasant boy, Cesar Merez, growing up in post-revolutionary Cuba and his meteoric rise to the rank of colonel in the Cuban military. It chronicles the transformation Cesar undergoes due to the human brutality he witnesses while fighting for socialist causes in the mountains of Venezuela and the jungles of Angola. Eventually, through a twist of fate, he is exiled to the United States where his life is changed forever. At the same time, the story parallels three days in the troubled life of his unknown American half-brother, Dr. Thomas Savage. Tom is a physician living in Pennsylvania, who struggles with his inner demons and everyday family problems. Interwoven throughout the story are the lusts and loves of the two men. The reader will grow to both love and hate each of the brothers. Ultimately, after living divergent lives, fate brings the brothers together and, out of survival, they are forced to try and destroy each other.
Product Details

Author: Marko Rosso

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Release Date: 2009-06-08

Pages: 456

ISBN: 1434319598

ISBN13: 9781434319593