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The Book of Spells: Over 40 Secret Recipes to Get Your Own Way in Love, Work, and Play

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Believe in magic? For those who do - but also for those who just want to have fun - here are 42 enticing, exotic & sometimes slightly erotic magic spells to help readers prosper at work, at play, or in love. This "recipe-style" book presents spells from many different times & cultures. They include ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Mayan, North American Indian & Druidic charms, ingredients, dances & incantations for looking & feeling one's best, for catching & keeping a mate, for repelling unwanted people, for gaining a measure of fame & fortune, for protecting against bad luck & much more. Here too are tips, lore & informed opinions on - * How to recognize & make use of vital energies flowing through nature & animating all living creatures... * How the spirit, body & mind are all linked... * How white magic differs from black magic... * How to work the spells that are described in the book. There is also detailed information on potent herbs & their uses, including rosemary, St. John's Wort, garlic, mistletoe, ginger root, sage & bay leaves. More than 300 full-color illustrations plus a special section of sealed pages containing special potent spells will entice a wide variety of readers to pick up this book - & then to become completely absorbed in its truly magical contents. Extra: Three magic spells for emergency use only are printed on sealed pages. Nicola de Pulford grew up in an English farming family, where she learned herbal lore at an early age. She regularly tours the United Kingdom, performing medieval folk songs, & is also an avid landscape photographer. She continues to enjoy country living, in Devon, England.
Product Details

Author: Nicola de Pulford

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: First Edition)

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: B.E.S. Publishing

Release Date: 1998-09-01

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0764150987

ISBN13: 9780764150982