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The Externally Focused Church

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Learn from churches that have made serving their communities a priority--with dramatic results. Your church can be a firm pillar in your community because of the unwavering truth and love of its members. # Use case studies from churches that have mastered community service, and apply the action steps to: Attract new believers and reach hurt and skeptical people through service # Use the resources your church already has to impact those in need # Learn how churches have made community service a part of their DNA # Help your members deepen their spiritual commitment through service # Discover practical ways to change your community--starting now From the minister to the mechanic and the teen to the tenured, your church will expand God's kingdom when it extends his love to the people in your community.
Product Details

Author: Group Publishing

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Group Publishing

Release Date: 2004-06-09

Pages: 222

ISBN: 0764427407

ISBN13: 9780764427404