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The Garrison Effect

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Pater Nostras Canis Dirus (our father the Dire wolf) "The Garrison Effect". This definitive novel serves the reader with the proper untold insights of the werewolf and its origins. Never before has the extensive, fascinating journey into the lives of the immortal been told from their beginnings. Highlands of Scotland circa 1100. Young Ansten McEwan and the love of his life Merri Cameron are ripped apart when she is betrothed to a more affluent Garrison Hastings. Lost love turns to bitter hatred as young McEwan unknowingly unleashes the curse of the Dire on the Hastings clan pairing both the human and wolf species into the immortal beast. Their clans forever locked into eternal conflict. We turn this novel, page by page breathless in discovery. From the meager beginning of two clans locked in familiar battle to the mouth of a darkened cave where the extinct Dire wolf beckons its human hosts to know of its prophecy, we are weathered by the expounded version of a tale not yet told. Generous in its knowledge, this novel affords we, the reader, a travel back to times where women held no true status and men forged through their difficult lives seeking power and wealth. The Hasting clan seeks to force the McEwans into capitulation as they, one by one, turn into the Dire species. For their part, through a determination of will and tenacity driven by vengence, the McEwans desire the realization of immortality- if for nothing else then to bear witness to the Hastings demise. Surviving centuries of conflict, we are brought to present day, across the ocean, to Austin Texas where the beckoning of the wolf brings a new, though very different threat to the Dire... The coming of the scribe, the prophecy fulfilled, and the birth of a new line immortalizing the McEwans and setting the stage for a war of the immortals.
Product Details

Author: Sawyer Saint Andrews, John F Brodrick

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Mac A'Bhaird LLC

Release Date: 2010-12-01

Pages: 372

ISBN: 0983227608

ISBN13: 9780983227601