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The Greater Exodus

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Dr. Ashers ""The Greater Exodus"" is a unique unveiling of a long-hidden End-Times prophecy which has been obscured from the multitudes it is meant for until he began openly teaching it in 1982. Since its publication, others have begun adopting their own variations of this prophetic truth, however, Dr. Ashers work on this subject continues to be the only original understanding sourced from the ancient Hebrew culture. As with all his work, this teaching is also void of any post-Mosaic religious dogma. The reader is assured, that the difference between this prophecies understanding, versus those which came after, is, that unlike all the known modern prophetic end-times theories, this simple and scriptural understanding is thoroughly provable point by point. Moreover, this prophecy proves to be the HOPE of the Eternal Creators absolute and unwavering provisions for His obedient people through those expected calamities. We give you, "The Greater Exodus".
Product Details

Author: Dr. Shmuel Asher

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover


Release Date: 2018-09-12

Pages: 244

ISBN: 0359084036

ISBN13: 9780359084036