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The Nia Technique: The High-Powered Energizing Workout that Gives You a New Body and a New Life

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the strength of Pilates, the flexibility of yoga, the muscle tone of strength training, and top-notch aerobic fitnessall through the revolutionary pleasure-based fitness program that gets you in shape from the inside out! The hottest new trend in mind-body wellness, Niawhich stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Actionis the most advanced form of fusion fitness, blending martial arts, healing arts, dance, and spiritual self-healing to create a high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match. Created by fitness pioneers Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas, Nia presents an entirely new philosophy of exerciseone that will not only keep you in fantastic shape, but will also help you rediscover the joy of movement and being at home in your body. The Nia Techniqueis the first and only book to share the workouts so popular at gyms and spas across the country, outlining the basic Nia movesorkatasthat can be performed easily at home and adapted to your own level of fitness. With moves drawn from nine fitness disciplines, including tae kwan do, tai chi, yoga, Feldenkrais, jazz dance, and modern dance, Nia promotes strength and muscle definition without the use of weights, and its freeing, dance-like regimen provides a medium for self-healing. Youll tighten, tone, lengthen, strengthen, and lose pounds and inchesand have fun doing it! Youll learn to follow the bodys waya breakthrough fitness concept that teaches you to move in the way that most benefits your individual body; and youll learn to use visualizations and vocalizations that enhance the benefits of each workout. The overall regimen is phenomenally effective because its holistic approach unites the body and the mind, and creates an exhilarating path that anyone can follow toward a healthy, fit physique, lasting weight loss, and an unlimited sense of your fitness potential. With simple, step-by-step instructions,TheNia Techniquealso shares the inspiring stories of people whose lives have been transformed by the practice of Nia. With Nia, a new body is just the beginningthe ultimate goal is a new life
Product Details

Author: Debbie Rosas, Carlos Rosas

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Harmony

Release Date: 2005-01-25

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0767917308

ISBN13: 9780767917308