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You Deserve to Be Rewarded. Earn points on every purchase. Rewards Page

The Purloined Number (There Goes the Galaxy)

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Life in the Greater Communicating Universe isnt easy. But death now that has its perks.

For Rollie Tsmorlood, escaping a prison planet that no one ever survives... well, its more than a smart lifestyle choice. Its the perfect chance to unleash some covert revenge.

But when someone steals the number three for ransom, suddenly Rollies not the only one looking for justice. Universal systems have ground to a halt. A third of the universe is trapped in a mysterious viral field. Even the Earths stuck in a looky-no-touchy zone.

Add to this, Rollies beloved ship has been sold for space salvage, and whats an industrious dead man to do?

Earthling pal Bertram Ludlow knows. Hes learned a lot since ducking death himself. Hes discovered the thrill of second chances, the power of cold, hard cash... and hes more than certain his planets endured enough.

Soon, Rollie and Bertram are caught up in a confounding case of cosmic conspiracy, two-faced dames, hot pursuit and lukewarm vending machine seafood.

Can Rollie and Bertram track down the numeroterrorist, free the GCU and rescue Rollies greatest nemesis... before their own numbers are up?
Product Details

Author: Jenn Thorson

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

Release Date: 2013-09-27

Pages: 344

ISBN: 0983804532

ISBN13: 9780983804536