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The Rebel Rules: Daring to be Yourself in Business

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When he was 26, Chip Conley broke the two cardinal rules of starting a business: he invested in an industry about which he knew nothing and he ignored the mantra "location, location, location." He bought a notorious "pay-by-the-hour" motel in a seedy San Francisco neighborhood.A dozen years later, Chip is the "boy wonder" of the American travel industry, famous for his entrepreneurial genius, creativity, and sense of fun.InThe Rebel Rules,Conley shares his success secrets. He focuses on the primary traits -- vision, passion, instinct, and agility -- that characterize today's fast company leaders. His guidebook doubles as a toolbox for anyone -- whether a virgin entrepreneur or a corporate manager -- who wants to walk in step with today's business innovators.The Rebel Ruleswill show you how to:Tap into your natural talents and focus on what you can controlBuild a fanatical customer base and create great buzzEngage employees and encourage them to break the rulesKick butt in business and still have a lifeWith exercises and activities that will develop these and other business skills,The Rebel Ruleswill transform the way you approach your career.
Product Details

Author: Chip Conley

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: Original)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Touchstone

Release Date: 2001-01-03

Pages: 287

ISBN: 0684865165

ISBN13: 9780684865164