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The Sadness of Sex

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From the manThe New York Times BookReviewcalled "an uncommondiagnostician of the curiosities of the human heart" andhailed on NPR (National Public Radio) as "thestand-up comedian of the unconscious" comesthis extraordinary new collction of metaphor-rich,wildly imaginative short-short stories. BarryYourgrau, who performs his written work in clubsacross the country and on NPR, Comedy Central, MTVsSpoken Word programs, and in an upcoming one-manfeature film, now explores the imagination's twilightterrain in which love, lust, and loss reside inthis achingly beautiful and rich surreal tour deforce. An affair with a cannibal woman is filled withdevouring kisses. A flower sprouts from a woman'sflesh wherever a man kisses her, impeding theirlovemaking. An abandoned lover seeks repair of thecuckoo clock that is his heart. Exploring thearchetypal he-and-she from the first glance to thelast tortured look, this exhilirating new collectionof flash-fiction--short-short stories thematicallyconnected--merges Freud with Fellini, Kafka withWoody Allen. At once sad, alarming, and wickedlybrilliant, Barry Yourgrau is, in the uneasy land ofdesire and heartbreak, the spokesman for oursecret self.
Product Details

Author: Barry Yourgrau

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Delta

Release Date: 1995-03-02

Pages: 255

ISBN: 0385313764

ISBN13: 9780385313766