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The Spellcoats: Book 3 of The Dalemark Quartet

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The first three volumes of Diana Wynne Jones's quartet of novels about the mythical kingdom of Dalemark were originally published in this country in the 1970s and soon earned lasting popularity.<P>"The Spellcoats," the third of the Dalemark books, is a prequel to "Cart" and "Cwidder" and "Drowned Ammet." Tanaqui and her family have always known they are somewhat different from the other villagers of Shelling. But when the great floods come and they are driven from the village, they begin to see the part they must play in the destiny of the land. As Tanaqui weaves the story of their frightening journey to the sea, and of the terrifying, powerful evil of the mage Kankredin, she realizes the desperate need to understand the meaning of it all. Can she fit the pieces of the puzzle together in time to stop Kankredin's destructive power?<P>Here is a welcome look back to the early clays in the everfascinating chronicle of Dalemark.
Product Details

Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Release Date: 2001-04-01

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0060298731

ISBN13: 9780060298739