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The Sum of Her Parts (The Tipping Point Trilogy)

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In this thrilling science fiction adventure--the triumphant conclusion to the Tipping Point trilogy--New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster returns to a near future in which genetic manipulation and extreme body modification have changed profoundly what it means to be human.

Dr. Ingrid Seastrom was once a respected American physician. Whispr, whose body has been transformed to preternatural thinness, was once a streetwise thief. Now, in a world on the edge of catastrophe from centuries of environmental exploitation, they are allies--thrust together by fate to unravel an impossible mystery--even as they are stalked by a relentless killer.

Ingrid and Whispr are hunted fugitives bound together by a thread: a data-storage thread made of a material that cannot exist, yet somehow does. Their quest to learn its secrets--and, in Whisprs case, sell them to the highest bidder--has brought them to South Africas treacherous Namib desert. Beyond its dangers waits a heavily guarded research facility that promises answers, if they can survive long enough to get there. But that wont be easy, not with Napun Mol on their trail. Theyve already escaped the assassin twice, and as far as Mol is concerned, finishing them off isnt just a job anymore . . . its personal.
Product Details

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Del Rey

Release Date: 2012-11-27

Pages: 273

ISBN: 0345512022

ISBN13: 9780345512024