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The Sweetwood Series: Books 1-3

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Sweetwood Secret

When her younger brother goes missing, New York City journalist Holly Blake is beckoned back to the small Georgia town of her youth.

After losing both her parents the previous year, she is desperate to find Lucas-the only family she has left.

But searching for her brother means two things Holly had not bargained for: reuniting with her ex-fianc Max, the local sheriff, and following a trail that leads straight into the tangled web of lies and dangerous games played by one of the richest families in the State-the Sweetwoods.

Sweetwood Scandal

Following his ex-girlfriend to her hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, Jacob Sweetwood is on the hunt for the thousands of dollars and the antique ruby ring Ava-Rose has stolen.

After weeks of dead-ends and a puzzling meeting with Ava-Rose's father, Jacob heads back to Blairsville, Georgia. There, he finds comfort and solace in the company of Nancy Cooper-the straight-talking, beautiful owner of The Fox and Fig.

Soon, though, Ava-Rose is back in Blairsville with no money, a story that is difficult to believe, and an undeniable tie to a scandal that threatens to upend the entire Sweetwood Syrups empire.

Sweetwood Christmas

When Zena Sweetwood is asked by her uncle Octavius to help him reason with his wife, her beloved aunt Adora who suddenly wants a divorce, Zena is certain this will be an easy fix. They're so in love, after all.

Soon though, it becomes clear that Adora has her mind made up-having hired slick Manhattan attorney Gabe Da Silva to stay at their North Georgia mansion to draw up the papers.

As Gabe and Zena embark on their separate assignments under the same roof, they are often drawn together. And the more they uncover, the more they are convinced Adora is hiding something. Will the two be able to bring the truth to light in time to reunite the elder Sweetwoods and have a happy holiday ending of their own?

Product Details

Author: Danielle Hines

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Orange Blossom Publishing

Release Date: 2023-06-20

Pages: 286

ISBN: 1949935671

ISBN13: 9781949935677