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The Vagabond Vicar (Hearts of Amberley)

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Love is the greatest adventure of all.

Vicar William Brook is biding his time in the small village of Amberley, desperate for a missionary posting overseas. He hadnt counted on being captivated by Cecilia Grant, a free-spirited artist, who challenges him at every turn.

Cecilia is destined to marry a local aristocrat - or at least thats what her mother thinks. But the darkly handsome new vicar seems to understand her in a way no one ever has, and she finds herself drawn to him even as he holds her at arms length.

As their relationship blossoms, dark secrets are revealed in Amberley and a scandal from Williams past may see the end of both his career and their love.

The Vagabond Vicar is an unashamedly romantic historical novel youll fall in love with. If you love Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, cant get enough of Downton Abbey or Cranford, or just prefer old-fashioned boy-meets-girl stories, try reading Charlotte Brentwood. Fans of traditional regency romance or clean historical romance wont be disappointed.

Sensuality level: sweet, clean (only kissing) Please note, although there is some mention of religious subject matter due to the heros occupation, this is not an "inspirational" novel.

Product Details

Author: Charlotte Brentwood

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Charlotte Brentwood

Release Date: 2015-05-19

Pages: 294

ISBN: 0473314495

ISBN13: 9780473314491