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The Wedding Ransom

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With just the right blend of laughter and romance, Geralyn Dawson weaves an air of enchantment in her tales of old-time Texas, with characters who charm their way right into our hearts. Now she pairs a handsome thief and an unconventional beauty to search for treasure -- and follow the trail of adventure known as love....SHE'S UP TO HER EARS...Soaking in a therapeutic mud bath, Maggie St. John suddenly finds herself snuggled up against the slickest thief in Texas, Gentleman Rafe Malone. Raised by pirate "grandfathers" to be a lady, Maggie would prefer a more trustworthy man to help recover a treasure hidden years before. But with time and cash in short supply, she'll do anything to protect her "papas" and save their spa on Lake Bliss -- even put her fortune and future in the hands of a notorious rogue.HE'S HEAD OVER HEELS.Rafe Malone retired from a life of crime to raise horses, though sometimes he misses the excitement of a good escapade. So when a band of elderly pirates makes him a provocative offer, he's game...and he's captivated by their vivacious ward, Maggie St. John. Soon Rafe is swimming an underground river hunting hidden riches -- and trying to figure out just how to hold on to his hide and steal the most valuable pirate's prize of all...Maggie's heart.
Product Details

Author: Geralyn Dawson

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: 1998-02-01

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0671001272

ISBN13: 9780671001278