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Thinking About Biology: An Introductory Laboratory Manual (4th Edition)

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<p><b>For one-semester, non-majors introductory biology laboratory courses with a human focus.</b></p> <p>This manual offers a unique, extensively class-tested approach to introductory biology laboratory. A full range of activities show how basic biological concepts can be applied to the world around us.</p> <p>This helps you to:</p> <ul> <li>gain practical experience that will help you understand lecture concepts</li> <li>acquire the basic knowledge needed to make informed decisions about biological questions that arise in everyday life</li> <li>develop the problem-solving skills that will lead to success in school and in a competitive job market, and</li> <li>learn to work effectively and productively as a member of a team.</li> </ul> <p>The <b>Fourth Edition</b> features many new and revised activities based on feedback from hundreds of students and faculty reviewers, including a new evolution exercise.</p
Product Details

Author: Mimi Bres, Arnold Weisshaar

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 4)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings

Release Date: 2012-01-14

Pages: 456

ISBN: 0321791959

ISBN13: 9780321791955